Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics offers chin augmentation to those looking to obtain a beautifully balanced face. A chin augmentation can add strength and definition to the jawline, granting one with a proportioned appearance. One of the great benefits of having a chin augmentation is that you will see the results immediately.

What is a Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation, also known as genioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that alters the underlying structure of the chin. It involves the use of chin implants or fillers, or even the manipulation of the jawbone, to resize or reshape the chin and achieve a more balanced facial appearance. This procedure may be performed in conjunction with nose surgery, or other procedures designed to create a more attractive, youthful look, or a more aesthetically pleasing profile. If you are not ready for a surgery, facial dermal fillers are a great way to achieve chin augmentation through a non-surgical route. Dr. Kennedy can determine which approach is best for you during your consultation.


Is it obvious when someone has a chin augmentation?

A chin augmentation is a very common procedure. When was the last time you saw someone and thought they had a chin implant? The results of a chin augmentation are subtle yet profound.

Will a chin augmentation change the appearance of my neck?

By increasing the projection of the chin, the neck looks more angular, lean, and youthful. Some patients who think they need some sort of a neck lift really are best served with a chin implant, either alone or with some type of a neck lifting procedure. And as the neck skin is distracted forward even a little bit by a chin implant, there is a greater amount of tightness noted in the skin underneath the jaw.

Why does chin augmentation make such a big difference in appearance?

The chin plays a critical role in setting up balances in the face and in the neck. While men are typically considered more attractive when their chins are stronger and squarer than the chins in women, an attractive and balanced chin is important for both genders. A strong chin creates a greater appearance of strength and self-confidence. Its role in balancing the nose and forehead are very important in creating ideal facial proportions.

Why would someone get a chin augmentation?

When viewed in profile, the projection of the chin plays a very important role in balancing the forehead and nose. A small chin can make a nose look large; a large chin can make a nose look smaller. In the front view, a short chin results in the face looking "top-heavy".