Earlobes are the perfect spot to show off your favorite diamond studs or display your personal sense of style. When they are misshapen or become damaged, it can significantly affect your confidence in your appearance as well as your ability to wear your accessories. Prominent ears can disrupt the natural balance of the face and attract unwanted attention including teasing and bullying.

What is Earlobe Reduction & Repair?

Dr. Kennedy offers earlobe surgery / reduction for men and women that were either born with oversized earlobes or have seen them lengthen over time. This procedure can be performed in two different ways. One technique involves the excision of a small wedge from the lobe so the edges can be stitched together to create a more attractive shape. The other option is to remove the lower portion of the lobe using an incision at the bottom of the ear that ensures scarring after surgery is virtually unnoticeable.

Earlobe surgery / repair is an option for patients that have experienced damage to the lobe. The most frequent culprit is tearing at an earring hole or stretching of the hole due to heavy earrings. Patients that have had plugs or gauges may also seek earlobe repair to close the enlarged gap when they are finished wearing these accessories. The only way to fix this damage is through plastic surgery designed to restructure the earlobe and produce a natural appearance.


Does earlobe surgery hurt?

Earlobe surgery is one of the least invasive surgeries performed. Like any surgery that may leave you nervous, this surgery is done in a matter of 30 minutes and performed under a local anesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. In a matter of weeks, if you feel the need to change your ears’ appearance, such as having your ears pierced again, you are free to do so as soon as your earlobes have healed fully from post-surgery.

How long does earlobe surgery take?

This can vary on a case-by-case basis, but on average, stretched earlobe surgery / repair takes around 15 minutes per ear. So if you are having both earlobes repaired you will usually be in and out within an hour.

Can you fix stretched or torn earlobes?

For patients suffering from stretched and torn earlobes due to unfortunate accidents, heavy earrings, or excessive piercings, a simple earlobe surgery can make a difference and fix any stretched or torn earlobes. Some natural aging can also cause earlobes to stretch, and Dr. Kennedy will be able to shrink your ears to their natural young self.

How will I need to sleep after my earlobe surgery?

It isn’t crucial to sleep in any particular position, as your body tends to instinctively protect you during sleep. If you roll onto the ear and it feels uncomfortable, you will naturally change position and stop doing it. We do recommend an extra pillow to elevate your head which helps reduce any swelling and bruising after surgery.