Ingrown hairs or Pseudofolliculitus barbae is an inflammatory reaction which can affect many areas of the body.
Ingrown Hairs are often a nuisance and affect the health and beauty of your skin. Caucasian men may experience a minor form of this condition from shaving the neck area. Black men are especially prone to ingrown hairs on the face and the neck because hairs in this ethnic group are often stiff and curly. Ingrown hairs can also be a problem for individuals who wax their legs, bikini area, or areas of the face. Ingrown hairs are something that all people can suffer from, so make sure you see a professional skin clinic to learn more about treatment.


Hair tips become trapped below the surface of the skin due to close shaving. The inflammatory reaction is a result of the skin tissue perceiving the hair tip as a foreign body. This reaction can lead to acne-like lesions and hyperpigmentation. In black men, this condition may also possibly cause crisscross scars and keloids (excessive scarring) of the skin. This condition can be painful and unsightly.


At Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics, we offer a multi-faceted approach to treating Ingrown hairs including Laser Hair Removal, topical and/or Oral Prescriptions, or shaving with a single blade razor or electric razor.