It is an inescapable truth that we all age. We naturally lose the tissue that keeps us looking youthful and perky, in addition to losing skin elasticity throughout the face. Together, these manifestations cause the facial tissue and skin to droop or sag, making you look older than you feel, or would like to appear for that matter. Some individuals are born with a longer upper lip, while for others the aging upper lip becomes thin and starts to sag in a manner that does not show one’s teeth when he or she smiles. 

What is a Lip Lift

A lip lift procedure can be used to help create a more distinct and attractive upper lip by subtly raising the position of the upper lip, giving a broader-looking smile. This is a fairly minor surgical procedure which can restore a more youthful appearance to the upper lip. A lip lift may also add a slight pout or cupid’s bow to the central lip as well as an overall appearance of greater fullness. It is possible the surgery can also enable more of the pink portion of the lip, or vermilion, to show and make the upper teeth more visible when the lips are slightly parted.


What is an upper lip lift?

An upper lip lift is a surgical procedure that reduces the space between the top lip and nose. Doing so increases the amount of visible pink tissue, making the lips appear more voluminous. It also allows more of your teeth to show through when the mouth is at rest and smiling.

What is a corner lip lift?

A corner lip lift is a surgical procedure that raises the corners of the mouth, not the center. It’s almost exclusively performed on those that believe the corners of their mouth droop down into a permanent frown. In some cases, people undergo corner and upper lip lifts simultaneously.

Am I a suitable candidate for a lip lift?

Lip lifts are a versatile procedure that can help people of all ages achieve the look they desire. An upper lip lift can restore volume to the lips for more mature patients to create a fuller, more youthful appearance. For younger patients, an upper lip lift is an alternative to lip fillers – they may find continuously booking and attending upkeep appointments annoying or time-consuming, they may not be able to create the lip look they want, or they may not want to risk that unnatural looking duck-like pout.

How long does it take to recover from a lip lift?

Lip lifts are a surgical procedure performed using local anesthesia – you will be awake, but you won’t feel any pain. After the procedure, expect some discomfort, swelling, and tightness. The good news is, you can return home immediately and recover comfortably in your own, private environment. Although it can take a few weeks to a month for swelling to subside completely, you can go back to work three to four days post-surgery.