MicroDermabrasion With Extractions

specifically targets and treats acne.
At Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics, MicroDermabrasion with extractions is one of the many combating treatments offered to specifically target and treat acne. Our enhance MicroDermabrasion features solubilized bakuchiol which aids in better penetration into pores and salicylic acid which helps reduce clogged pores.

MicroDermabrasion with extractions work in three specific ways to improve skin and address acne:
1) Exfoliate – MicroDermabrasion Breaks up blackheads and blemishes.
2) Clarify – Salicylic acid helps to address the major causes of acne, including bacterial infection, clogged pores, increased oil production and inflammation.
3) Tone- The exfoliating abrasions gently smooths texture without irritating skin, promoting a clear complexion and improving overall skin tone.
MicroDermabrasion with extractions are best for maximum efficacy because old skin cells are removed and skin-benefitting substances and chemicals are applied. Because the skin is more permeable once the skin cells have been removed, the absorption of subsequent substances applied to the skin is greater. This combination works best because it actively addresses the skin and acne using the most fundamental methods for altering the surface of the skin.

MicroDermabrasion with extraction is available for the face, chest and back area. We’re a leading skin and acne treatment center here in Lafayette, LA. We’ve treated thousands of patients for their acne with various treatments.