Many people feel embarrassed because their ears stick out, are too large, or uneven in shape or size. These ear shape problems have a significant impact on your feelings of self-confidence. Correcting your ear shape with an otoplasty surgery can help you lead a happier, more confident life. While the surgery is generally not complicated, the results can be transformative.

What is Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery or ear pinning, is a cosmetic procedure to create a more aesthetic shape, size, and projection to the ear structure, in balance, and proportionate. The objective is to reposition the ears so that they are closer to the sides of the head. An otoplasty may involve pinning the ears back or reshaping or resizing the ear structure if they are uneven, oddly shaped, or out of balance. Every otoplasty is a custom-tailored procedure. If the ears are protruding from the head, the operation will involve an incision at the back of the ear to remove cartilage and reshape the ear structure, so the ears lie closer to the side of the head. The corrected ear position is secured with stitches. If the ears are misshapen, whether folded at the top or shell ear, the structure is reshaped, whether adding a fold or addressing the folded upper ear area to create a natural look. Both adults and children can benefit from this particular cosmetic procedure. 


When Should I Consider Otoplasty?

To be frank, there isn’t a “right” time to have otoplasty or any other type of plastic surgery. When you feel self-conscious about an aspect of your appearance, then you should strongly consider a cosmetic solution. That said, there are certainly some factors that may make you more likely to have an otoplasty, such as your qualifications for the procedure.

Will I Have Scars?

There will be scars, they are just hidden behind the ears in the crease. This is sometimes an important factor for those who are considering this surgery, particularly parents who are seeking this surgery for their children.

How Fast Will I See Results?

It’s common for the results of plastic surgery to take several months to appear. However, in the case of otoplasty, you will be able to enjoy the results of this surgery in only a few weeks. The majority of patients will be fully recovered and able to see the results of their procedure in as little as two weeks.

Will my Hearing Change After Otoplasty?

No, your hearing will not change after this procedure. Cosmetic ear surgery only focuses on the visible structure of the ear, also known as the outer ear. The most common areas that are altered during ear surgery include the tops of the ear, the size of the ear, the outer ear cartilage, and sometimes even the ear lobes. Because this surgery does not alter the inner structure of the ear, it’s very unlikely that your hearing will significantly change as a result of otoplasty.