Physician Grade Products
for the Most Effective
Ingredients and Safety

Dr. Hubbell and ajeuné offer a wide range of advanced medical skincare products.
These physician grade skincare products are selected because they are carefully compounded from the most effective ingredients and have been tested for safety. These high-grade products sold only by physicians typically have stronger concentrations of active ingredients or they feature medicinal substances not available in the over-the-counter market. To ensure efficacy and safety, their use requires a dermatologist’s oversight.



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Skin changes over time and Dr. Hubbell recommends an annual review of your product regimen to make sure you are receiving the most benefits for your skin. Schedule a product consultation that is tailored to your unique skin. Contact us or call our office at (337) 989-7272.

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I found one of these products cheaper online (Amazon, Ebay, etc.)

Professional Grade Skincare products are only available through an authorized dealer - and not these unauthorized online sites. Unless you are buying directly from the manufacturer of the product (and not all of them offer the products directly), you are getting an unauthorized version of the product, which is illegal for the seller. This means that you may not be getting the real product or you are getting an expired product. You also don't know how this product has been handled or if it’s been sitting in a trunk or warehouse in the sun. Be very wary about purchasing products online from an unauthorized seller at a discounted cost. It may seem as if you are saving money but you may not getting the product worth what you are paying.


Our SkinCare Products

Our skin care experts can design a customized treatment plan that fits your skin care type and goals. We have selected these product because they have been clinically proven to provide faster, better results and an overall better value.

  • Obagi®
    • Obagi is one of the most recognized physician grade skin care lines on the market today. Obagi products are designed to help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage. Here at ajeuné, we focus on using Obagi to help treat pigmentation with their prescription strength hydroquinone product line and using their Clenziderm product line for our acne patients.
  • SkinMedica®
    • Skinmedica is one of our best selling product lines and most of our staff favorites fall within this revolutionary skincare line! Skinmedica is committed to transforming skin rejuvenation with products backed by science and research. They provide long-term health to the skin and help you achieve your skincare goals by using the skin’s natural healing properties. They transform your skin from the inside out!
  • Colorescience®
    • Colorscience® is a product line that is committed to protecting the integrity of the skin, specifically from UV rays. The number one product offered here at ajeuné is the Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush.  With Sunforgettable you can achieve high-performance UV protection. Sunforgettable is a prestige suncare line and exceptional color that blends with one’s natural complexion.  
  • Latisse®
  • Baby Foot Exfoliator & Treatment
    • Baby foot® is a Japanese product that has been on the market for 15 years now. It has been specifically designed to easily remove those dead skin cells that cause problems to your feet. Its 17 natural extracts help peel off dead skin cells, will provided incredible moisturizing power, and will help maintain your skin’s texture.
  • Image
    • Lip Enhancement
  • Cetaphil
    • Restoraderm Body Wash
    • Restoraderm Moisturizer 
  • Viviscal Professional
    • Viviscal Professional® dietary supplements are scientifically formulated to promote existing hair growth from within. Viviscal Professional® nourishes thinning hair, promotes overall hair growth, thickness and volume, and helps scalp coverage as well as overall skin health.
  • Revision®
    • Nectifirm®
    • D·E·J eye cream™
  • Clarisonic®
    • The Clarisonic® line is a series of brushes that use a patented technology that creates hundred of micro messages that gently glide over the skin. Clarisonics are known for being the #1 Dermatologist recommended cleansing device in the U.S. as well as the best selling cleansing device.  We offer three different types of brushes:  Smart Profile, the Mia 2, and the Alpha Fit. The Smart Profile is a head –to-toe four speed smart cleansing that ranges from delicate to professional. The Mia 2 is composed of two different speeds to customize your cleanse for delicate to normal skin. The Alpha Fit is engineered for men specifically—clean-shaven or bearded.   Additionally, we also sell a variety and replacement brush heads.
  • Jentry Kelley Makeup Line
    • We are thrilled to welcome the Jentry Kelley Cosmetic line to ajeuné. Jentry Kelley Cosmetics is a line of cosmetics and makeup that was developed by Jentry Kelley herself. Jentry's goal is to educate women on application, helping them to achieve a flawless yet simple routine to be "the best versions of themselves." Her techniques are easy to duplicate to make you feel like you have an in-house makeup artist! All of Jentry Kelley Cosmetics make-up is organic and paraben free.

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